Wish List

Sometimes you really wish you could just tell your family and friends what you want for your birthday, or what an ideal Christmas gift would be, but you never quite know how. Well, we have found the solution for you: Our new service at Khoury Home, “Wish List”, allows you to build your personal gift wish list, and ask your friends and family to contribute towards buying it.

The service is simple; first, browse through Khoury Home and build your Wish List, then simply share it via social media with your loved ones, whereby they can contribute (an amount of their choosing) towards the gift. Once the full amount has been covered, you can either buy the item directly online, or proceed to any of the Khoury Home branches and buy it from the store. Note, that even if the amount was only partially covered, you can still decide to add the remaining balance and purchase the item.

From now on, you can make sure that all your gifts are exactly what you want.

Start your WISH LIST now