To pay for a someone's wedding list, please fill in the following form

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Terms & Conditions:

  • Your payment amount will be subject to a credit card fee.
  • The maximum payment per transaction for each credit card is USD 4865 due for every month. Every card could be used only 4 times every month.
  • Your card will be blocked from the site for 7 days after 3 unsuccessful attempts. Your Thank you SMS will only be sent to the mentionned phone number within 72 hours.
  • Online payments deposited in the couple's Wedding List account will be featured in the statement of account, maximum three days after the payment .
  • A free-of-charge E-Mail or SMS from Khoury Home will notify the couple instantly of any amount transferred to the Wedding List account. Simultaneously, a Thank You E-Mail or SMS will be sent on behalf of the couple from Khoury Home, to the invitee who deposited cash money online or on site.