Why an 8K Samsung TV?

8K resolution has 16x more pixels than Full HD, and 4x more than 4K Ultra HD. With more than 33 million pixels, QLED 8K Q900R delivers crisp detail, even in super big screen sizes.¹


Quantum HDR

Now see the smallest details in every scene with astonishing depth that immerses you even further into new 8K reality—making it feel like you are there.


Brighter than ever before

Together with 8K Resolution, Samsung’s HDR technology delivers maximum brightness to the scenes’ settings and conditions in the room you're watching in. When coupled with the intense blacks made possible through full array local dimming, Quantum HDR scenes appear more dynamic.


Turn what you love into 8K

With machine learning and artificial intelligence, AI Upscaling helps to transform your content into stunning 8K for improved details and sharpened definition. Enjoy clear and precise images with 8K-level picture quality.²


Optimal sounds for each scene

AI Sound matches each scene with optimal sound quality. Hear a pin drop from your favorite movie or the crowd roar in the stands.


Disappearing act

With Ambient Mode, QLED 8K can mimic the wall pattern behind it to help blend in; plus overlay decorative art, personal photos or helpful information.³


Universal guide and Bixby

Spend more time watching and less time searching. Smart AI lets you easily search shows and movies with your remote or through voice commands, getting personalized content recommendations tailored just for you.


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