Top features:

  • QuickWash delivers top cleaning performance fast
  • ecobubble technology makes your detergent work harder
  • AddWash door lets you add in forgotten items
  • Bubble soak delivers effective stain removal
  • Smart control lets you control the cycle from your smartphone



With QuickDrive technology, washing times are reduced by up to 50% with the Samsung QuickDrive WW90M645OPW Washing Machine. By creating a fast flow of water that covers the entire drum, detergent penetrates deeper into fabrics for a thorough wash.


ecobubble technology

Designed to make your detergent work harder at lower temperatures, ecobubble technology mixes air, water, and detergent to create bubbles and deliver brilliant cleaning results. It's better for the environment and your bills.

Number of programs : 14
Wash programs - Bedding
- Cotton
- Dark garment
- Delicates
- Drain / spin
- eCotton
- Eco drum clean+
- Outdoor care
- Quick wash
- Rinse+Spin
- Super eco wash
- Super speed
- Synthetics
- Wool
Wash functions - Adjustable rinse
- Adjustable spin
- Adjustable temperature
- Bubble soak
- Delay end
- Easy iron
- Intense
- Prewash
- Smart control
- Sound on / off


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