babyBelle® bodybuffer

Clinical Cellulite Trial

Used twice a day for 4 weeks:

  • 95% reported smoother skin
  • 70% significant improvement in the appearance of their cellulite


Dual Action Motion

The dual action bodybuffers result in a greater and more persistent increase in blood flow/perfusion of the soft tissues compared to manual massage and other hand operated body tools.

The strong vibrations penetrate the deep tissues and break up rigid collagen bridges responsible.

A Must Have!

  • Enhances lymphatic drainage.
  • Decreases water retention.
  • Breaks up scar tissue following chronic injuries or surgical procedures.
  • Increases microcirculation and tissue oxygenation.
  • Improves warm-up before exercise.
  • Enhances stretching and flexibility.
  • Decreases soft tissue swelling after exercise.