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Monday, July 16, 2018

Beirut District 

  • Follow all relevant warehousing policies, processes and standard operating procedures so that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner
  • Follow the day-to-day activities related to own job to ensure continuity of work
  • Undertake a range of basic storekeeping activities within given timelines and guidelines under close supervision and guidance
  • Receive and store items according to policies and procedures to ensure the safe and proper storage of products
  • Check the accuracy of orders in terms of quantity compared to purchase order and report discrepancies as needed
  • Participate in creating new item codes at the reception area of the warehouse to ensure products traceability
  • Monitor the inventory levels and keep track of items to ensure availability/replenishment is conducted accurately
  • Retrieve and prepare items for transportation according to the orders received to ensure the correct items are dispatched to the concerned destination
  • Maintain a clean and safe working environment within the warehouse to ensure that waste items are minimized
  • Continuously update record-keeping system to maintain accurate levels of inventory at all times for decision making purposes
  • Develop and motivate subordinates to ensure transfer of know-how and continuous positive work environment
  • Monitor subordinates performance and provide formal and informal feedback and appraisal in order to maximize efficiency